Congratulations Asra N. Shaik, PhD for successfully defending your dissertation. 

"Characterizing novel radiologic and pathologic tissue-based risk factors for breast cancer in African American women with benign breast disease"

 Mentor: Michele L Cote, PhD


Congratulations Poster Prize Winners

Karmanos Cancer Institute 2018 Annual Molecular Therapeutics Research Symposium

FIRST PLACE: Allison Mitchell
FOXQ1 Interacts with the KMT2/MLL Core Complex to Promote Transcriptional Activation of the Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) Program

SECOND Place: Joshua Heyza
Mechanisms of Resistance to Interstrand Crosslinks with ERCC1 Deficiency

HDAC6 Regulates Chk1 Stability in Response to Ionizing Radiation-Induced DNA Damage

 Aamod Dekhne
Dual Targeting Mitochondrial and Cytosolic One-Carbon Metabolism with Novel 5-Substituted Pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidine Antifolates


Congratulations Aamod Dekhne - NIH F30 Fellowship Award
2018 - 2019 F30 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award for Individual Predoctoral Fellows



Karmanos Cancer Institute Grand Rounds
Summer Recess

 4:30 p.m.
Location: 2nd Floor Wertz Auditorium


Congratulations Asra N. Shaik
2018 Leonard N. Simons Award for Exemplary Research and Scholarly Achievement


Congratulations to the following Cancer Biology Graduate Program Students for their outstanding achievement during the 8thAnnual Cancer Biology Research

Symposium held on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Oral Presentation Awards
1st Prize - Ethan Brock

2nd Prize - Kayla Conner

Poster Presentation Awards
1st Prize - Joshua Heyza
2nd Prize - Asra Shaik
3rd Prize - Gabriel Mpilla


CB7700 - Journal Club Winter 2018
Monday, March 19, 2018
Time: 12:00 p.m. 
Location: Karmanos Cancer Institute Wertz Classroom
Student Presenting: Adrianne Wallace-Povirk
( 2nd year Cancer Biology Ph.D student)
Faculty mentor: Dr. Lori Pile
Paper: Xu, Y et al.  "A TFIID-SAGA Perturbation that Targets MYB and Suppresses Acute Myeloid Leukemia."  Cancer Cell. 2018 Jan 8;33(1):13-28.e8




CB7890 Seminar in Cancer Biology - Every Thursday - 2nd floor Wertz Auditorium


Pointers Evaluation Form


Congratulations Andrew S. Murray, PhD for successfully defending your dissertation.

"Identifying the role of the Type-II transmembrane serine protease TMPRSS13 in breast cancer"

 Mentor: Karin List, PhD


Congratulations Daniel Feldmann, Ph.D. on successfully defending your dissertation

"Preparation and Utility of Polymeric Nanoparticles for the Delivery of siRNA as Cancer Therapy"

Mentors: Olivia Merkel, PhD & Stephan Patrick, PhD


Congratulations Ethan Brock, Anthony Guastella and Asra Shaik - F31 Fellowships Recipients


Congratulations Thomas McFall for successfully defending your PhD dissertation

"Mechanisms of Hormonal Regulation of Invasiveness and Metastasis of Luminal Breast Cancer"

Mentor: Manohar Ratnam, PhD

Congratulations Larry Matherly, Ph.D. on the renewal of the Ruth L. Kirschenstein Research Training Grant (T32-CA009531), Wayne State University School of Medicine



Congratulations Poster Prize Winners

Karmanos Cancer Institute 2017 Annual Molecular Therapeutics Research Symposium

FIRST PLACE: Joshua R Heyza
p52 modulates sensitivity to cisplatin and PARP inhibitors in ERCC1 null lung cancer cell lines

SECOND Place: Rayna Rosati
Small Molecule drugs to selectively disrupt ELK1 dependent growth signaling by AR in prostate cancer

THIRD PLACE: Ethan J Brock
Sprouty4 regulates ERK MAPK signaling and the transition to invasive breast ductal carcinoma


Inaugural Leonard N. Simons Award for Exemplary Research and Scholarly Achievement

Congratulations - Jonathan Diedrich


Congratulations to the following Cancer Biology Graduate Program Students for their outstanding achievement during the 7thAnnual Cancer Biology Research

Symposium held on Friday, March 31, 2017.

Oral Presentation Awards
1st Prize - Joshua Heyza

2nd Prize - Brooke McKnight

Poster Presentation Awards
1st Prize - Rayna Rosati
2nd Prize - Thomas McFall
3rd Prize - Brittany Haynes & C James Block



Congratulations Jonathan Diedrich - Awarded a National Institute of Health F31 Fellowship


BEST [Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training] is an NIH-funded initiative at Wayne State to assist new and current doctoral trainees in exploring all career options, not just those based in traditional research settings such as a university, but in fields like business, government, law, communication, and undergraduate education.

Please consider attending the BEST Program's Phase I panel discussions, to be held each afternoon during the subsequent week of Sept. 21-25 in Margherio, with individual sessions devoted to career explorations in the fields listed above (see the attached flyer).  Each session, hosted by a WSU faculty facilitator, comprises a panel of industry partners, domain specialists, and alumni who will lead an informed discussion about successful careers in these domains.  A Q&A will conclude each panel.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions or would like additional information.  You may also contact the BEST Program Coordinator, Dr. Heidi Kenaga, at>.

Congratulations! Andreana Holowatyj for being selected as Michigan's only representative during the inaugural AACR Capitol Hill Day to advocate for cancer research funding.

2016 Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium For Emerging Therapies
Steven Jones - First Place Oral Presentation

Wayne State University Graduate Student Research Day 2015
Jonathan Diedrich - Poster Prize First Place
"Bone Marrow Adipocytes Alter the Metabolic Phenotype of Metastatic Prosate Cancer Cells"


14th International Society for Tryptophan Research (ISTRY) Conference
Anthony Guastella - Poster Presentation - First Place

"Tryptophan metabolizing enzymes in patient-derived xenograft models of glioblastoma using molecular imaging and immunohistochemical studies"


2015 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Special Symposium on Membrane-Anchored Serine Proteases
Andrew Murray - Poster Presentation - Third Place 
"Molecular characterization of the Type II Transmembrane Serine Protease TMPRSS13"

24th Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer - Bar Harbor, ME
Jackson Labs Scholarship - Jonathan Diedrich

42nd Annual Pharmacology Research Colloquium - U of T, UM, MSU, WSU
Jonathan Diedrich - Poster Presentation - Second Place


Ivory Dean, Ph.D. - Congratulations for representing the School of Medicine, Cancer Biology Graduate Program as the Student Commencement Speaker for the December 2014 Commencement Ceremony, Saturday, December 6, 2014.


2014 Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Undergraduate fellows represent the future of cancer research

Undergraduates complete 10-week research fellowship with Cancer Biology Graduate Program

Wayne State Students earn top spots in Karmanos research symposium poster contest 

Cancer Biology graduate students shine in annual reseach symposium 

Detroit Public Television - Discover the 'D' Series - Airing on Mondays @ 5:30 pm. Episode 1047. (Click the link for the page).
Featuring Wayne State University and highlighting the School of Medicine campus and the Cancer Biology
Graduate Program. See Dr. Matherly's lab and students Michael R. Wilson and Brittany Haynes in the documentary.