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Artem Berezovsky

Artem Berezovsky
1st Year

Rotation Mentors: Dr. Kidder, Reiners, Mattingly

Grants, Awards, Scholarships:

Cancer Biology Director’s Award, Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2016




Berezovsky AD, Poisson LM, Cherba D, Webb CP, Transou AD, Lemke NW, Hong X, Hasselbach LA, Irtenkauf SM, Mikkelsen T, deCarvalho AC. (2014) Sox2 promotes malignancy in glioblastoma by regulating plasticity and astrocytic differentiation. Neoplasia 2014;16:193-206. COVER ARTICLE


Hasselbach, L.A., Irtenkauf, S.M., Lemke, N.W., Nelson, K.K., Berezovsky, A.D., Carlton, E.T., Transou, A.D. and Mikkelsen, T., 2014. Optimization of high grade glioma cell culture from surgical specimens for use in clinically relevant animal models and 3D immunochemistry. JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) 2014;e51088-e51088.



MS Medical Physiology, 2015; Case Western Reserve University

BS Neuroscience, 2011; University of Michigan 



West Bloomfield, MI

Birthplace - Vilnius, Lithuania