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Daniel Feldmann

Daniel Feldmann
4th year Student

Dissertation Mentor: Stephan Patrick, Ph.D.

Research Focus: Nanoparticle formulation of siRNA therapeutics designed for the treatment of lung cancer.

Grants, Awards, Scholarships:
2015 Richard Barber Interdisciplinary Research Award (2015)

2014 Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) Internship Recipient
2013 Cancer Biology Summer Research Fellowship
2013 Cancer Biology Director's Award

Professional Development/ Committees:
2017 Cancer Biology Symposium Planning Committee

2017 Cancer Biology Curriculum Committee Member
2016-2017 Cancer Biology Student Representative 
2016 Cancer Biology Symposium Planning Committee Student Chair


Feldmann DP, Xie Y,Jones SK, Yu D, Moszczynska A, Merkel OM. The impact of microfluidic mixing of triblock micelleplexes on in vitro / in vivo gene silencing and intracellular trafficking. IOP Nanotechnology. 2016.

Feldmann DP, Merkel OM. The advantages of pulmonary delivery of therapeutic siRNA. Therapeutic delivery. 201

Herroon M, Rajagurubandara E, Hardaway AL, Powell K, Turchick A, Feldmann D, Podgorski I. Bone marrow adipocytes promote tumor growth in bone via FABP4-dependent mechanisms. Oncotarget. 2013;4:2108-23.

Oakland University, Rochester, MI. BS in Engineering Biology, graduated with honors

Macomb, Michigan