Brittany Haynes

Brittany Haynes (Defended 08/04/2017)

Dissertation Mentor: Malathy Shekhar, Ph.D.

Research Focus
The role of Rad6 in triple negative breast cancer drug response.

Grants, Awards, Scholarships:
2017 Cancer Biology Graduate Research Symposium 3rd Place Tie - Poster Presentation
2016-2017 DeRoy Fellowship
NRSA T32 Training Grant Fellowship Reappointment 2015-2016
2015 Cancer Biology Research Symposium Oral Presentation Award 1st Place
Wayne State University Graduate Exhibit Certificate of Recognition (2nd place) – 2014
R25GM058905, Dunbar (PI) Fall 2013 (IMSD grant)
2014 Graduate Student Research Day Poster Presentation 1st Place Winner
NRSA T32 Training Grant Fellowship 2014-2015
Cancer Biology Director's Award
Dean's Enhancement for Undergraduate Academic Achievement
Dean's Diversity Fellowship 2012-2013

Professional Development/ Committees
Student Representative to Graduate Council- October 2014-present
Cancer Biology Graduate Program Student Representative- 2014-Present​
Cancer Biology Graduate Program Recruiter - 2014
Cancer Biology Graduate Program Curriculum Committee-2014-Present


Haynes B, Zhang Y, Liu F, Li J, Petit S, Kothayer H, Bao X, Westwell AD, Mao G, Shekhar MP. Gold nanoparticle conjugated Rad6 inhibitor induces cell death in triple negative breast cancer cells by inducing mitochondrial dysfunction and PARP-1 hyperactivation: Synthesis and characterization. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine. 2015 Nov 9. pii: S1549-9634(15)00200-2.

Haynes B, Saadat N, Myung B, Shekhar MP. Crosstalk between translesion synthesis, Fanconi anemia network, and homologous recombination repair pathways in interstrand DNA crosslink repair and development of chemoresistance. Mutat Res Rev. 2015;763:258-66.

Rosner K, Mehregan DR, Kirou E, Abrams J, Kim S, Campbell M, Frieder J, Lawrence K, Haynes B, Shekhar MP. Melanoma Development and Progression Are Associated with Rad6 Upregulation and β -Catenin Relocation to the Cell Membrane. J Skin Cancer. 2014;2014:439205.

Rosner K, Adsule S, Haynes B, Kirou E, Kato I, Mehregan DR, Shekhar MP. Rad6 is a Potential Early Marker of Melanoma Development. Transl Oncol. 2014:S1936-5233-00044-8.

VanOrsdel CE, Bhatt S, Allen RJ, Brenner EP, Hobson JJ, Jamil A, Haynes BM, Genson AM, Hemm MR. The Escherichia coli CydX protein is a member of the CydAB cytochrome bd oxidase complex and is required for cytochrome bd oxidase activity. J Bacteriol. 2013;195:3640-50.

Towson University, Towson, Maryland, BS in Biology

Waldorf, Maryland