Brooke McKnight

Brooke McKnight
Senior Student

Dissertation Mentor: Nerissa Viola, Ph.D.

Research Focus: Investigate diagnostic and predictive imaging tools for monitoring solid tumor response to treatment

Grants, Awards & Scholarships:
2018 - 2019 DeRoy Testamentary Fellowship
2018 - 2019 Thomas C Rumble GRA Fellowship
2018 - AAI Young Investigator Award - 2nd place Oral Presentation Translational Research Cancer Center Consortium Annual Meeting 
2018 - 3rd place Poster Award TRCCC Annual Meeting 
2018 - WSU Immunology Program Travel Award TRCCC Annual Meeting
2017 - 2018 Ruth L. Kirschenstein Research Training Recipient (T32-CA009531) Reappointment, Wayne State University
2016 - 2017 Student Representative, Cancer Biology Program at Wayne State University
2016 Cancer Biology Student Scholar Travel Award, Wayne State University
2016 - 2017 Ruth L. Kirschenstein Research Training Recipient (T32-CA009531), Wayne State University
2016 Immunology Program Travel Grant, Wayne State University
2016 Cancer Biology Student Scholar Travel Award, Wayne State University
2015 Cancer Biology External Grant Award, Wayne State University
2014 Graduate School External Fellowship Award, Wayne State University
2014 Cancer Biology Director's Award, Wayne State University School of Medicine
First Place Poster Presentation - Scientista Symposium, Mass. Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

Abstract: Pancreas specific SEC23B deficiency results in pancreatic degeneration in the mouse
2014 UROP Travel Award, University of Michigan For travel to Scientista Symposium
2013 University Honors Designation, University of Michigan

Professional Development/ Committees:
2018 Biogen BEST Drug Development Conference in Boston, MA
2017 Cancer Biology Recruitment Planning Committee
Cancer Biology Symposium Planning Committee
2016 - 2017 Cancer Biology Graduate Program Student Representative
2016 American Association of Immunology (AAI) Introductory Course in Immunology
2014-2015 Publicity Coordinator, Graduate Student Research Day at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
2014 Co-Director and Founder, Scientista Foundation at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI


Heather M. Gibson*, Brooke N. McKnight*, Joyce Reyes, Wei-Zen Wei, Nerissa T. Viola-Villegas. Interferon-g PET Imaging as a Predictive Tool for Monitoring Response to Tumor Immunotherapy (2018). Cancer Research. (Accepted).

 Brooke N. McKnight, Akhila N. W. Kuda-Wedagedara, Kuntal K. Sevak, Dalya Abdel-Atti, Wendy N. Wiesend, Anson Ku, Dakshnamurthy Selvakumar, Sean D. Carlin, Jason S. Lewis, Nerissa T. Viola-Villegas. Imaging EGFR and HER3 through 89Zr-labeled MEHD7945A (Duligotuzumab). Scientific Reports 2018;8:9043.

 McKnight B, and Viola-Villegas N. Zr-ImmunoPET Companion Diagnostics and the Impact in Clinical Drug Development. Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals. 2018;69:727-38.

McFall T, McKnight B, Rosati R, Huang L, Viola-Villegas N, and Ratnam M. Progesterone receptor A promotes invasiveness and metastasis of luminal breast cancer by suppressing regulation of critical micro RNAs by estrogen. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2018;293:1163-77.

Khoriaty R, Vogel N, Hoenerhoff M, Zhu G, Everett L, Nelson B, Durairaj H, McKnight B, Zhang B, Ernst S, Ginsburg D, Williams J.A. SEC23B is essential for pancreatic acinar cell function in adult mice. Mol Biol Cell 2017;28:2146-54.

Khoriaty R, Everett L, Chase J, Zhu G, Hoenerhoff M, McKnight B, Vasievich MP, Zhang B, Williams J, Maillard I, Ginsburg D. Pancreatic SEC23B Deficiency is Sufficient to Explain the Perinatal Lethality of SEC23B Deficient Mice. Scientific Reports 2016;6:27802.

B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Michigan

Novi, Michigan