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Maik Huettemann


3214 Scott Hall 540 East Canfield Detroit, MI 48201

Office Address

3214 Scott Hall
540 East Canfield
Detroit, MI 48201 


Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

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Research Interests

• Effect of cell signaling on mitochondrial metabolism, cytochrome c, and cytochrome c oxidase.
• Mitochondrial metabolism in cancer.
• Development of mitochondria-targeted therapies for ischemia/reperfusion injury as seen in stroke and myocardial infarction.

Research Description

Dr. Hüttemann's team studies mitochondrial function using genetic, biochemical, and functional approaches. The group focuses on two key components of the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation machinery, cytochrome c oxidase (COX) and the small electron carrier cytochrome c (Cytc). COX is the terminal enzyme of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, "burns" the oxygen we breathe to water, and pumps protons across the inner mitochondrial membrane generating the mitochondrial membrane potential, which is utilized by ATP synthase to produce energy in the form of ATP. Cytc has two distinct functions: it delivers electrons to COX, but it also participates in programmed cell death (apoptosis). Together the two proteins play a key role in life and death decisions of the cell via energy production under healthy conditions and free radical generation and apoptosis under conditions of cellular stress. The overall goal is to understand the regulation of COX and Cytc in normal and disease conditions including cancer, and to apply this knowledge for diagnosis and treatment.

Selected publications

Strubakos, C.D., Malik, M., Wider, J.M., Lee, I., Mitsias, P., Hüttemann, M., Sanderson, T.H. Non-Invasive mitochondrial modulation with near-infrared light reduces brain injury after stroke. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, 2020;40:833-44.

Erickson, R. P., Aras, S., Purandare, N., Hüttemann, M., Liu, J., Dragotto, J., Fiorenza, M. T., and Grossman, L. I. Decreased membrane cholesterol in liver mitochondria of the point mutation mouse model of juvenile Niemann-Pick C1, Npc1(nmf164). Mitochondrion 2020;51:15-21.

Kalpage H.A., Wan J., Morse, P.T., Zurek, M.P., Turner, A.A., Khobeir, A., Yazdi, N., Hakim, L., Liu J., Vaishnav A., Sanderson T.H., Recanati M.A., Grossman L.I., Lee I., Edwards B.F., Hüttemann M.  Cytochrome c phosphorylation: Control of mitochondrial electron transport chain flux and apoptosis. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2020;121:105704.

Moreno-Domínguez, A., Ortega-Sáenz, P., Gao, L., Colinas, O., García-Flores, P., Bonilla-Henao, V., Aragonés, J., Hüttemann, M., Grossman, L.I., Weissmann, N., Sommer, N., López-Barneo, J.  Acute O2 sensing through HIF2a-dependent expression of atypical cytochrome oxidase subunits in arterial chemoreceptors. Sci Signal. 2020;13:eaay9452.

Dekhne A.S., Ning C., Nayeen, M.J., Shah, K., Kalpage, H.A., Fruhauf, J.. , Wallace-Povirk, A., O'Connor, C., Hou, Z., Kim, S., Hüttemann, M., Gangjee, A., Matherly, L.H. Cellular pharmacodynamics of a novel pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidine inhibitor targeting mitochondrial and cytosolic one-carbon metabolism. Mol Pharmacol. 2020;97:9-22.

Kalpage H.A., Bazylianska V., Recanati M.A., Fite A., Liu J., Wan J., Mantena N., Malek M.H., Podgorski I., Heath E.I., Vaishnav A., Edwards B.F., Grossman L.I., Sanderson T.H., Lee I., Hüttemann M. Tissue-specific regulation of cytochrome c by post-translational modifications: respiration, the mitochondrial membrane potential, ROS, and apoptosis. FASEB J. 2019; 33:1540-53.

Wan, J., Kalpage, H.A., Vaishnav, A., Liu, J., Lee, I., Mahapatra, G., Turner, A.A., Zurek, M.P., Ji, Q., Moraes, C.T., Recanati, M.A., Grossman, L.I., Salomon, A.R., Edwards, B.F.P., Hüttemann, M. Regulation of Respiration and Apoptosis by Cytochrome c Threonine 58 Phosphorylation. Sci Rep.  2019;9:15815.

Kalpage, H. A., Vaishnav, A., Liu, J., Varughese, A., Wan, J., Turner, A. A., Ji, Q., Zurek, M. P., Kapralov, A. A., Kagan, V. E., Brunzelle, J. S., Recanati, M. A., Grossman, L. I., Sanderson, T. H., Lee, I., Edwards, B. F., and Hüttemann, M. Serine-47 Phosphorylation of Cytochrome c in the Mammalian Brain Regulates Cytochrome c Oxidase and Caspase-3 Activity. FASEB J. 2019;33:13503-14.

Meng, F., Wu, L., Dong, L., Mitchell, A., Block, CJ., Liu, J., Zhang, H., Lu, Q., Song, W, Zhang, B., Chen, W., Hu, J., Wang, J., Yang, Q., Hüttemann, M., Wu, G. EGFL9 Promotes Breast Cancer Metastasis by Inducing cMET Activation and Metabolic Reprogramming. Nat Commun. 2019;10:5033.

Dekhne, A. S., Shah, K., Ducker, G. S., Katinas, J. M., Wong-Roushar, J., Nayeen, M. J., Doshi, A., Ning, C., Bao, X., Fruhauf, J., Liu, J., Wallace-Povirk, A., O'Connor, C., Dzinic, S. H., White, K., Kushner, J., Kim, S., Hüttemann, M., Polin, L., Rabinowitz, J. D., Li, J., Hou, Z., Dann, C. E., 3rd, Gangjee, A., and Matherly, L. H. Novel Pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidine Compounds Target Mitochondrial and Cytosolic One-carbon Metabolism with Broad-spectrum Antitumor Efficacy. Mol Cancer Ther. 2019;18:1787-99.

Dean, J., Kramer, K. J., Akbary, F., Wade, S., Hüttemann, M., Berman, J. M., and Recanati, M. A. Norethindrone is superior to combined oral contraceptive pills in short-term delay of menses and onset of breakthrough bleeding: a randomized trial. BMC Womens Health 2019;19:70.

Raja, V., Salsaa, M., Joshi, A.S., Li, Y., van Roermund, C.W.T., Saadat, N., Lazcano, P., Schmidtke, M., Hüttemann, M., Gupta, S.V., Wanders, R.J.A., Greenberg, M.L. Cardiolipin-deficient cells depend on anaplerotic pathways to ameliorate defective TCA cycle function. Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids 2019;1864:654-61.


BS in Chemistry (1992): Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
MS in Chemistry and Biochemistry (1995): Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1999): Philipps-University Marburg, Germany 

Courses Taught

CB7220 Molecular Biology of Cancer Development
CB7700 Recent Developments in Cancer Biology 

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