Ethan Brock






Ethan Brock
(Graduated 10/25/2019)

Dissertation Mentor: Raymond R. Mattingly, Ph.D.

Research focus:
Regulation of the ERK/MAPK pathway and how it influences the progression of breast ductal carcinoma in situ to invasive ductal carcinoma.

Grants, Awards, Scholarships:

2018 Cancer Biology Research Symposium 1st Place - Oral Presentation
2017 Molecular Therapeutics Annual Research Retreat 3rd Place - Poster Presentation
2017 - 2018 F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award for Individual Predoctoral Fellows
2016 - 2017 Ruth L. Kirschenstein Research Training Recipient (T32-CA009531), Wayne State University
2015 - 2016 Ruth L. Kirschenstein Research Training Recipient (T32-CA009531), Wayne State University
2015 - Present Innovation Fellow, Wayne State University Office of Technology Commercialization
2013 - 2014 Dean's Enhancement for Undergraduate Academic Achievement
2013 - 2014 Cancer Biology Director's Award
2012 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Member of the CB Curriculum Committee from 2014-2017


Shah S, Brock EJ, Jackson RM, Ji K, Boerner JL, Sloane BF, Mattingly RR. Downregulation of Rap1Gap: A Switch from DCIS to Invasive Breast Carcinoma via ERK/MAPK Activation. Neoplasia. 2018;20:951-63.

 Brock EJ, Ji K, Shah S, Mattingly RR, Sloane BF. In Vitro Models for Studying Invasive Transitions of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. 2018;1007/s10911-018-9405-3.

Shah S, Brock EJ, Ji K, Mattingly RR. Ras and Rap1: A Tale of Two GTPases. Seminars in Cancer Biology. 2018;S1044-579X:30003-8.

Brock EJ, Ji K, Reiners JJ Jr, Mattingly RR. How to Target Activated Ras Proteins: Direct Inhibition vs. Induced Mislocalization. Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry. 2016;16:358-69.

BA with Honors in Biology (2013): Albion College, Albion, MI

Teaching Experience:
Summer 2016: Graduate Course Co-director, Special Topics in Cancer Biology: Laboratory Techniques

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI