Agnes Malysa

Agnes Malysa
4th Year 

Dissertation Mentor:  Gerold Bepler, MD/PhD

Research focus: Non-small cell lung cancer, biomarker discovery

Grants, Awards, Scholarships:
2019 - 2020 Cancer Biology Director's Award


2019 Cancer Biology Graduate Program Curriculum Committee


Patki, M., McFall, T., Rosati, R., Huang,Y., Malysa, A., Polin, L.,  Fielder, A., Wilson, M., Lonardo, F., Back, J., Li, J., Matherly, L.,  Bepler, G., &  Manohar, R. Chronic Induction of P27Kip1 by Dexamethasone Causes Senescence Phenotype and Permanent Cell Cycle Blockade in Lung Adenocarcinoma Over-expressing Glucocorticoid Receptor. Clinical Cancer Research. 2018;8:16006.

Gibson H.M., McKnight B.N., Malysa A., Dyson G., Wiesend W., McCarthy C.E., Reyes J., Wei W.Z., Viola-Villegas,  N.T. Interferon-gamma PET Imaging as a Predictive Tool for monitoring response to tumor immunotherapy. Cancer Research. 2018;78:5706-17.

Chammaa, M., Malysa, A., Redondo, C., Jang, H., Chen, W., Bepler, G., & Fernandez-Valdivia, R. Rumi is a novel prognostic marker and therapeutic target in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Journal of Cellular Physiology. 2018;233:9548-62.

Fridman, R., Huang, & P.H. Discoidin Domain Receptors in Health and Disease. Part II, Section 8. Discoid Domain receptors in Lung Cancer. Zhang, Y., Malysa, A., & Bepler, G.ISBN 978-1-4939-6381-2

Zhou, J, Li, X, Alosh, B, Malysa, A, Chen, W, Bepler, G, Rouba, AF. Excision Repair Cross Complementing Group 1 (ERCC1): An Independent Prognostic Marker for Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer. Translational Biomedicine. 2015. Special Issue: ISSN 2172-0479.

Vaezi, A., Bepler, G., Bhagwat, N., Malysa, A., Rubatt, JM., Chen, W., Hood, BL, Conrads, T., Wang, L., Kemp, C., & Niedernhofer, L.  Choline phosphate cytidylyltransferase-alpha is a novel antigen detected by the anti-ERCC1 antibody 8F1 with biomarker value in patients with lung and head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. Cancer. 2014;120:1898-907

Zhou, J., Chen, Z., Malysa, A., Li, X., Oliveira, P., Zhang, Y., & Bepler, G. A Kinome screen identifies checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) as sensitizer for RRM1-dependent gemcitabine efficacy. PLoS One. 2013;8:e58091.

Al Sorkhy, M., Ferraiuolo, R.M., Jalili, E., Malysa, A., Fratiloiu, A.R., Sloane, B.F., & Porter, L.A. The Cyclin-like protein, Spy1/RINGO, is a novel mammary oncogene functioning through the G2/M kinase Cdk1. BMC Cancer. 12(45).


2008 - 2010 Master of Science - Biological Sciences, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
2005 - 2006 Honours Bachelor of Science - Biological Sciences with Thesis, Biological Sciences, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
2004 - 2005 Bachelor of Education - Intermediate/Senior, Biological Sciences, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
2000 - 2004 Bachelor of Science - General Science, Biological Sciences, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON

Teaching Experience:

Teachable: Biology and Chemistry
2008 - 2010 Graduate Teaching Assistant - Biology Department, University of Windsor
2005 - 2006 Student Teacher for Grades 7-12, University of Windsor

Hometown: Windsor, ON, Canada