Rachel Sexton

Rachel Sexton
(Graduated 1/25/2022) 

Dissertation Mentor: Dr. Asfar Azmi

Research Focus: Targeting nuclear export (XPO1) in gastric cancer.  My research utilizes translational research techniques to explore how XPO1 inhibition with small molecule inhibitors can be used as a way to target gastric cancer either in single agent or in combinatory therapy.  Further, I want to understand the impact XPO1 has on small noncoding RNAs and how XPO1 inhibition alters gastric cancer specific small noncoding RNA pools. 

Grants, Awards, Scholarships:
2019 DOD Horizon Award (2020-2022), Department of Defense
2019-2020 DeRoy Fellowship, Wayne State University School of Medicine
2017-2018 Cancer Biology Director's Award, Wayne State University School of Medicine
2017 Cancer Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

2019 - Present Curriculum Committee


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Education: 2017 B.S. Michigan State University

Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI