Rayane Dennaoui

Rayane Dennaoui
3rd Year 

Dissertation Mentor: Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D.

Research focus: Investigating the biological and clinical roles of JAK/STAT signaling in pancreatic adenocarcinoma and mammary cancer initiation, progression, and metastasis using genetically engineered mouse models.


2019 Cancer Biology Director's Award, Wayne State University School of Medicine
2019 Cancer Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
2019 - 2020 IBS Fellowship

Al Hassan M, Fakhoury I, El Masri Z, Ghazale N, Dennaoui R, El Atat O, Kanaan A, El-Sibai M. Metformin Treatment Inhibits Motility and Invasion of Glioblastoma Cancer Cells. Analytical cellular pathology (Amsterdam).  2018;2018:5917470.


2018 M.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology, Lebanese American University, Byblos, Lebanon
2014 B.S. in Biology, Lebanese American University, Byblos, Lebanon

Hometown: Tripoli, Lebanon

Birthplace: Boston, MA